Music production done right!

Our Programme

Learn to make the music you have dreamed of

What will you learn?

  • How to develop and improve your computer skills
  • How to make original music compositions
  • How to edit notes using a midi keyboard and piano roll
  • Compression and EQ techniques
  • How to create build up’s, drops and intros using FX
  • How to develop song structure
  • Develop your own original compositions

The classroom setting

Every student has access to their own PC workstation, headphones and a midi keyboard. The class tutor teaches using a whiteboard.

Once the techniques of that class are shown each student adds the new techniques learnt to the composition they are working on.

Tutors are hands on throughout the lesson to help each student and will give one-to-one guidance when needed.

Homework? Funwork!

Our students love making music and as owners of the professional Ableton software are eager and able to continue working on their tracks at home.


What you put in, is what you get out. Our students love what they do and work hard to keep creating awesome tracks in class and at home.